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Paying your help

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Paying your help

Post by Devon07 on Sun Jun 14, 2015 6:06 am

What special payscale set ups do you guys have if any?....

I know today many have a helper as needed or even a basic guy that just runs with more focused on the guys who send out the help on this or the ones who have an opinion or even used to have a setup that was good.

Back in the day I was offered a really good set up for my pay that went something like this; When I was originally taught this business I worked really hard and made great money for my boss---If my invoices totaled say $1500 for the day and I came back with $2000 I made an extra 20% on that extra $500....many times my upsale pay exeeded my regular pay check. Ive always liked this....I also think he had an extra pay amount that came into play when my weekly upsale check hit say $500 he would have a kicker that added another $100 or something like that.

I started out helping a guy who was the lead guy but it wasnt long before he was in my way lol

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Re: Paying your help

Post by Royal Man on Sun Jun 14, 2015 7:09 am

You are refering to a base percentage and a bonus percentage for updales. Usually is- Base 20-25% and 5% extra for up sales. This way everyone wins. A smart tech can make upwards of $650 a week and the owner should have a big smile when he writes that check.

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Re: Paying your help

Post by milspec6 on Sun Jun 14, 2015 11:01 am

Actually, my time working as a tech for 3 people along each coast had a different bonus method....a bad one for the owner.

In every case, techs were upselling for cash to make their bonus money. Maybe a few rugs or some protector or even some furniture, but each time working for cash and pocketing all of it. I would not send workers out unsupervised while offering a bonus.

I know that people don't pay in cash like the old days, so the ability for a tech to freelance is reduced, but the temptation remains the same.

It is no different than any other service industry really. Ask any bar owner how much money they lose every year to their employees giving away free drinks? How many cable installers have connected boot-leg cable on the side?

You can offer any percentage that you want, it will never come close to the 100% that your tech can acquire himself using your equipment and chemicals.

I think the only way you can win here is to reverse the tables. Allow your tech to push sales and promise to give you a percentage (10%) to cover the use of your equipment. He makes the lion share of the up sales, but it should probably be that way anyhow.

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Re: Paying your help

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