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LG Heater WindScreen

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LG Heater WindScreen

Post by milspec6 on Thu Apr 27, 2017 5:48 pm

The North wind was really strong today and I realized that I would need to protect the burner / pilot from being blown out on days like this.  So, a last second stop at the hardware store (actually, it was just the scrape metal area of my garage) and I quickly farmer-rigged a solution that surprisingly worked quite well.

All you need are 2 matching L-braces, a couple of bolts, and an old license plate and you will have the perfect windscreen for pennies.  The L-braces are 1/4 inch steel and with 2 sandwiching the license plate, it was an ideal weight to stay firmly planted even after driving down a rough gravel road.  Just set it and you are golden.


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