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what's this world coming too?

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what's this world coming too?

Post by Matt; My carpet cleaner on Fri Sep 01, 2017 8:53 am

slaping So my big morning job postponed, well pump died. Soooo, I'm gonna bug you guys ☎️
Its a really, really sad situation when I have to tell a telemarketer how to do his job.
Guy calls and want to tell me how he can help me get my over due accounts to pay faster. He's not a collections Co. He ask about my overdue acct... I say I have none.
 He ask what's the longest its taken for someone to pay. Me: not long.
If I can help shorten the time for you to get your money.... Me: dont have any.
So then I tell him: I've told you4-5 times I don't need what your selling. And you should have hung up on me 2 min ago, moving onto next call. If people are telling you 'No', you want to get off that call and on to the next.
He's still want to know if I'm interested in signing up, just in case!!??
"Buddy, Ive given you hints that I'm NOT an opportunity for a sale. But your still trying to 'sell me'.

Then a guy from: Ace- someing, something(not the regular Ace, we all know). Ask to speak to Gary(former owner of a CC I took over). I say(in a somber voice): Gary's no longer with us. He apologized like I said Gary died. Not sure why he tought that.
He wants to sell me stuff not relating to CC.
Didn't even realize it was a CC biz. Geeesh
Just wanted to sell me something's....

Who's your carpet cleaner?
Matt; My carpet cleaner
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Re: what's this world coming too?

Post by dp1 on Fri Sep 01, 2017 10:13 am

Lol, you're a nice guy Matt, I would've hang up on those guys at the first sign that they are telemarketer.
Your pump died ? The cat 5 pump ?
I got mine from Kleenrite dot com I think, $ 900+ a few years ago, unless if you want to rebuild your old one, the rebuild kit is already a couple hundred bucks plus labor ( unless if you do it yourself, which is a pain in the butt ).

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