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what would you charge

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what would you charge Empty what would you charge

Post by Matt; My carpet cleaner on Thu Nov 15, 2018 5:10 pm

So Ive been thinking.........yes, I know that can lead to trouble.
If I(or you) had a backup CC van and one of your friendly competitors call and need to rent it for a day or 2 because their rig is headed to the shop. And they dont want to reschedule work and lose out on the revenue; what would you charge them?? Consider that you set it up as a rental business, so charging them IS the name of the game.
Their van is in the shop.....cost, maybe several 100 $.
rescheduling jobs....= $0 now, but get paid for when you do them.
Renting a CC van while their van is getting worked on kinda is a wash as far as money in/money out
dont have to worry about short notice rescheduling(and its almost alway short notice)
? $100/day?

Ive found a CDS with 80k+ miles, 3200 hrs @ at really good price. Its a HM.

Who's your carpet cleaner?
Matt; My carpet cleaner
Matt; My carpet cleaner
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what would you charge Empty Re: what would you charge

Post by milspec6 on Thu Nov 15, 2018 6:07 pm

I think you need to charge several factors instead of just one. I think you charge it by the hour with a daily minimum just like it is for renting a portable extractor or any other piece of equipment for that matter. Figure that the average rate is $150 per hour for cleaner, so an hourly rental of $25 is more than fair. I think rental locations rent carpet extractors for about $80 per day which is vastly inferior to using the truckmount. For an average 8 hour day, that would cost the cleaner $200 or just a little over an hour's cleaning revenue. That is a good deal for a guy with a full schedule and a DOA rig.

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what would you charge Empty Re: what would you charge

Post by Freemind1 on Thu Nov 15, 2018 10:26 pm

I've rented a few tools from rental places. Here are my thoughts:
A $1000 power washer rents for $100 a day here.
A $500 dollar pole saw rents for $75 a half day.

These tools don't require commercial insurance. They don't assume any risk of the renter killing someone or damaging other people property. IMO, there is HUGE risk to someone renting out a vehicle and a CCing machine. Even if you trust the other person quite a lot, people get funny when lawyers get involved.

I'm sure your insurance agent would not like the idea of you doing this. And if it is do-able, you likely will have to have a lawyer draw up an iron clad contract.

How much a day is a straight truck renting for a day? Probably 3-500 bucks? I wouldn't be renting out a CC van very cheap. It's commercial, and commercial costs money.

Just my two cents.

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what would you charge Empty Re: what would you charge

Post by Mo on Sun Dec 02, 2018 8:01 am

I wouldn't do it. I would negotiate a sun contracting deal


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what would you charge Empty Re: what would you charge

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