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Craigslist or ebay deals

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Re: Craigslist or ebay deals

Post by ACpower1 on Fri Mar 13, 2015 8:10 pm

We were considering an EZ TM but check this post out from another forum

"It started with the exhaust. He meant well but it was supposed to be flexi pipe which desintagrated within the first two weeks, blowing fire all over inside the van very dangerous. He had me buy the pipe and take it to the welding shop. He paid this but this happened 5 more times with flames in the van in different directions to the point I bought a welder after the second time and started doing it myself. Problem wasn't semi fixed until he sent a new set up in pieces which I welded together my self by then I was familiar with these parts.

The manifold never lined up correctly with the holes not the first or the second so I can only get 3 of the 4 screws on. Like a said hes a good guy and gave me a discount on the balance I owed him but like I told him he needs a true template as he goes each is a bit different so no 2 machines are exact to much room for small errors. The blower only had 3 of the four screws on which by the time I found out was because my blower started coming loose. So I tightend them and found one was missing. At first I thought it fell out but upon further inspection I saw it was not aligned well so they never were able to get it in. This told me they rushed, now with the experience I realize what was about to happen but didnt know it at the time. The blower with missing screws broke the support and came loose and breaking the coupler so I made me my own 1/4in steel supports after changing the coupler 3 separate times... This taught me how to remove the engine and pump on three separate occasions by now it was very hard to get a hold of Nick again one guy.... but he did come through and did walk me through all the work eventually. What is not being noted is at this time we had between 3 to 5 jobs a day which I had to cancel, reschedule or lose because they moved everything waiting for us and were pretty angry. That was the most frustrating, letting the customers down and my worker without work for many days. This is just the beginning within 200hrs.

So I have modified it quite a bit to say the least to get it to where it is now. If he tightens his assembly with a little more precision and listen to past issues from customers as input and not complaints he will have a very solid machine as when it works its awesome. I know no truck mount is perfect but I really bought new vs used because I was looking for trouble at least till I got off the ground.

There is more I will let you guys digest this as the list gets longer... lol"

no thanks, poor guy cant even get the nick guy on the phone either. 3 bolts in the blower? because the 4th hole didnt even line up correctly causing him to have to change out the coupler multiple times.

what a turd
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Re: Craigslist or ebay deals

Post by Matt; My carpet cleaner on Fri Mar 13, 2015 9:11 pm

Yep, don't do it. Been  there. A post of my experience would take up to much space!

Who's your carpet cleaner?
Matt; My carpet cleaner
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Re: Craigslist or ebay deals

Post by BuSoCorp on Mon Mar 16, 2015 9:26 pm

I have for sale these 2 wands for $250 shipped anywhere. brand new. Take $30 off if in CA

12" S-bend dual Jet wand - 1.5 inch tube
36" s-bend stair tool with 12" pick up head - 1.5 Inch tube


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Re: Craigslist or ebay deals

Post by dp1 on Tue Mar 17, 2015 6:36 am

BuSoCorp, it is best to post your item for sale in a stand alone thread because when people go to "classifieds" section, they will see your item for sale rather than in this thread which can be buried after some other posters post some more ebay or craigslist deals.
I'm not telling you what to do, just increasing your exposure and chance to sell those wands, craigslist also is a great place to advertise carpet cleaning equipments, I've sold TM in the past on Craigslist, good luck.

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Re: Craigslist or ebay deals

Post by Sponsored content

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